Monday, May 05, 2008

BNP voters

Has anyone welcomed the election of a BNP member to the London Assembly as a victory for democracy and proportional representation!?!

Why should 130,417 voters be denied representation!?! They have as much right to be represented as any other voters whether you consider their politics to be distasteful or not.

They polled twice as many votes as George Galloway's Respect and were only 75,000 votes behind those crazy Greens! The same greens that the major political parties are all trying to embrace!


Anonymous said...

And the Greens had their pact with Ken as well, making the BNP's achievements more impressive.

Bag said...

People are willing to make deals with the devil to make changes.

The BNP will never be a major party but they will certainly make the mix a bit more volatile.

Snafu said...

Bags, it will be refreshing to see some real debate by the right and hissy fits by the left who believe in democracy and letting the people have a say when it suits them!

xoggoth said...

If they dont like the BNP there is a simple solution, address the genuine and reasonable concerns of Londoners over the impact of massive immigration and the quality of some of the people let in by very lax controls.

Credit card fraud, prostitution, drug smuggling and people trafficing are now the domain of foreign gangs.

Agree with bag. It would be nice if we had rational balanced policies but if the only way to get any balance is to oppose one extreme set of views with another people will take it.