Monday, May 12, 2008

Ethnic tensions

Will the Department for Communities ever suggest that the best way to reduce local tensions caused by "rising migration and diversity" would be to reduce immigration!?!

"It calls on local officials to plan against tensions by:
  • Properly understanding who is living in the local area

  • Working with a wider range of people to better monitor local trends

  • Making better use of local intelligence, including warning signs from community workers

  • Learning how to counter rumours of scaremongering which lead to violent clashes
  • "


    Mark Wadsworth said...

    In other words, they are going to fix this by creating a surveillance state?

    cramerj said...

    Quite possibly they will create the concept of the 'over stayer'.
    If you are descended from British who have been in Britain for over four generations you have overstayed. You have no right to stay in Britain and should make way for the new ethnic culture.
    No hereditary for you as it is
    un socialist.
    This sounds the sort of thing Blair would thought up.

    Anonymous said...

    Why must cramerj use a different account?
    Is it technical?
    Have i said something wrong?
    why oh why/

    Anonymous said...

    In the original post they left out introducing a concierge watch. worked well back in the home of the KGB etc.