Monday, May 26, 2008

Inconvenient Truth?

Did the BBC initially suspect that Amar Aslam was murdered by a group of white thugs in a "sustained and brutal" racist attack in Dewsbury and expect events to justify their suspicions!?!

"I can now confirm that the three men who are in custody are actually all Asian, which means that the race motive so far, perhaps, is not one that might be the cause of the death." - Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik - Version 15 of the BBC's report.


Letters From A Tory said...

An easy mistake for the increasingly ineffective BBC to make.

Pale Rider said...

Luton/Dunstable on Sunday: 25 May Page 3 : A would-be councillor and another Khan pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent, ABH, and violent disorder. Another two Khan's and two Saddique's pleaded not guilty to violent disorder. One other Khan pleaded not guilty to assault by beating! This behaviour is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst such communities.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aha, but is it still racist if it turns out to be Pakistanis attaching Hindus, or Bangla's attacking Sikhs?

I despise the term 'Asian', it is far too vague, it's probably a PC thing.

Anonymous said...

It may be racist but its not going to bring forth any hand wringing. Lessons will not need to be learned, the 'community' will not be asked to come together.

That only happens when evil whitey kills a non-white.

I think this is what should be called Damiola Taylor syndrome, he was murdered by a gang not long after Stephen Lawrence and the media were very excited, hoping for a nice juicy racist murder. They were right but, oh dear, it was the wrong sort. Afro-Caribbean blacks killing an African, the media couldnt ignore it completely but their sudden loss of interest was startling to behold.

These days we are used to this behaviour but that was the first time I noticed it.

It seems each time the media rush in hoping this time for a white gang of muggers or rapists attacking a non-white victim.

Maybe this time a white will have stabbed a non-white over something pointless. At a pinch a white-on-white stabbing will do but it must leave a hollow feeling for your average liberal journo.

Bob Piper said...

Where do these reports say a 'racialist attack'. Have I missed something?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anyway, what are the odds that Karl Bishop isn't white?