Sunday, April 13, 2008

Racially Aggravated Terrorism?

Have the eight men accused of a plan to suicide-bomb passenger planes been charged with racially aggravated murder and endangering aircraft!?!

"This is an obligation on me as a Muslim to wage Jihad against the Kuffar (non-believers).[ ] This is revenge for the actions of the USA in the Muslim lands and their accomplices such as the British and the Jews."

"New offences under Sections 28-32, 82 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 deal with the crimes of racist violence and harassment. [ ] There has been concern expressed in particular by members of the Muslim community that the offences do not apply when someone is attacked because of their religion. The Government believes that the vast majority of attacks on Muslims are motivated by racism, rather than hostility towards Islam. The Act makes it clear that even where there is a religious element to a crime, so long as some part of the motivation is racial, the offence will count as a racially aggravated offence."

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