Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brown on immigration

When Gordon Brown says that "immigration is good for the UK", which part of the electorate is he appealing to!?!

Does Gordon Brown regret the number of low skilled immigrants that have already arrived in the UK if a new points-based system will only allow highly skilled workers into the UK!?!


Anonymous said...

You forgot that the new points system only applies to non-EU workers. We still have no control over our borders.

xoggoth said...

One lie after another. 20% non EU migrants? no it isn't, didn't a report only a few weeks ago put it well over 30%? And talking as if most were highly skilled vetted professionals. If they were most of us would not have a problem but it is just not true. Look at the prison statistics.

Anonymous said...

But look what it does for "diversity" that great ideological notion that gives employment and power to so many.