Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Prison customers?

The Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers, has criticised Prison Officers in Leeds for describing inmates as "cons" and "bodies".

Would she prefer them to be called 'customers'?

Do prison surveys measuring the quality of prison life suggest life inside ever needs to get worse!?! A re-offender rate of 58.5% within the two years of release suggests it does.

Update Escaped "service users" hunted by Police


Andy said...

I believe a 'PC' term for them this is 'Service Users'.

Anonymous said...

Well I think you should be more sympathetic. Maybe by avoiding the use of such old-fashioned names the 'cons' will feel less like the scum of the earth, have increased self-belief and be less likely to re-offend.
Honestly, people like you just refuse to give others a chance.

3 lions said...

did she object to the prison customers using such terms as screws or kangas amongst other less polite terms, or is her concern only one way?
Listen in chums, she has to say such rubbish to safeguard her job. the prison service must be doing okay, if this and england flags is all she can pick on.