Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gordon's Chutzpah

How can Gordon Brown have the chutzpah to claim credit for a scheme "to help [students] with tuition fees" when he supported their introduction?

In return for service for their country in the USA in the 1940s the GI Bill helped thousands through college and university and we should consider and debate another idea: helping those who undertake community service with the costs of education, including help with tuition fees for those undertaking community work - Gordon Brown

Will Gordon's "help with tuition fees" be targeted at English students who have to pay University top-up fees unlike their Scottish and Welsh counterparts?


raw carrot said...

I know it's stating the obvious, but Gordon Brown has been a truly terrible chancellor. Sooner he goes the better... and I don't just mean from the Treasury.

wonkotsane said...

You forgot to mention that the Scots and Welsh don't pay tuition fees because English taxes pay for them.

Snafu said...

Wonko, thanks for the correction