Monday, January 30, 2006

Local Council cuts

How can local councils cut a two weekly rubbish collection further in order to keep the council tax down?

The threat of local authority job cuts should be welcome where it will help reduce future pension requirements and result in fewer diversity officers and other equally essential staff.

Would local councils prefer a Scottish proposal of a local income tax rate of 15% on earnings over £30,000?


lascivious said...

And I used to live in Scotland. My total tax burden is now only 20% and I earn well above Mr Sheridon's first milestone (shame it's not the second).

I don't need to say that I am glad I no longer live there!

lascivious said...

p.s - in the first article you link to, the following is present:

The LGA said the cost of caring for the elderly and disposing of rubbish were rising above the rate of inflation, but ministers said grants had also risen.

And the cost of caring for the elderly isn't going to go up over the next 20 years? What about disposing of rubbish, considering the environmental movement? I feel sorry for you!