Sunday, January 29, 2006

EU aid budget

Why does the European Union feel it necessary to give the Palestinian Authority $606m of aid each year?

How does the European Union ensure this aid is well spent when there are numerous allegations of corruption ?


3 lions said...

It is well spent, it has managed to buy all of Arafats cronies swimming pools, mercedes and massive bank accounts which are under investigation. It has not yet built one hospital. nor a kiddy playground but it has built the odd school , schools which teach terror and the eradication of Israel of course.The E.U cowards have to appease islam for oil and trade and because they know it is a threat in the long term.

Alison said...

before we rush down the euroweenie route its worth noting that the US are the second biggest donators. Greed & the struggle for oil is by far the greatest reason for perceived appeasement overall by ALL western governments. Dont get me wrong - im not some flailing arm SW who thinks oil is just some black gloop - but i do think its fair to point out that the EU is not the only bunch propping up the likes of Hamas.

Snafu said...

Alison, when did the EU become a Government?

I don't recall anyone ever saying that one of the benefits of EU membership is supporting the Palestinian Authority!