Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Black British Conspiracy?

Why does the BBC give any airtime to people who think there is a conspiracy to prevent Black people from succeeding?

According to some, society [only] 'permits' black people to succeed in football and entertainment

If this is the case, how did society fail to prevent David Lammy becoming Culture Minister, Bernie Ribeiro becoming head of the Royal College of Surgeons and Dr Beverley Malone becoming head of the Royal College of Nursing?

Maybe Diane Abbott has a better understanding of why a Black middle class is nearly invisible, "the culture of the street".

I do know the issues around the education of black boys in this borough. I've seen what happens to black boys who get caught up in the culture of the street. It's hard to pull them back. It is a race issue because, of all the ethnic groups in London's schools, the only group that is falling behind is black boys.

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