Sunday, January 29, 2006

Healthchecks not "for everyone"

How can the Government claim that healthchecks will be available to everyone in England when you only get them when you are born, aged 11, aged 18 or again in your 50s?

Twenty and thirty-somethings will have to wait twenty years to qualify or are they expected to pay for the tests out of their post-tax incomes?


HSBguzzler said...

Heard the story on the radio and somehow instantly knew in my heart there would be a catch, and that my life wouldnt be any different whatsoever for this 'great initiative', or should I say spin.

Alison said...

I dont get that at all - in the sense that i recently went along a requested a full set of blood tests to check to see if i had diabetes - at the same time i was offered a full health check. Which has happened quite a few times in the past. Maybe its just my GP.

My understanding is that it is in the NHS interests financially to ensure we get these tests as prevention and early treatment is cheaper than cure.

Alison said...

essentially what i mean is surely if you ask your GP cant refuse!

Welcome back btw :)