Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The wealth of welfare?

Why is the NHS looking to "build-in" the extra capacity needed at maternity units to cope with increasing numbers of foreign mothers giving birth rather than calling for cuts in immigration to reduce their supply!?!

Does giving birth offer foreign mothers a wealth of welfare benefits and a British passport!?!

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Philipa said...

Hi Snafu - I've asked you a question on Ellee's blog on the Nigella thread and would be most grateful if you could tell us if you have special knowledge or have read about this and can inform..

Allow me to comment on this thread if you would and say that I believe immigration is the source of many problems in this country, they should have kept better control years ago. Many liberal policies (and I'm going right back to Roy Jenkins, not just blaming this administration) have been a disaster.

The infrastructure cannot cope with this influx of souls, we will ALL suffer, the immigrants too.