Thursday, January 24, 2008

All for free and free for all!

What prevents NHS hospitals from charging private patients in advance of treatment to ensure they have no bad debts to write off?

Not all overseas patients are charged!


cramerj said...

How can you tell in advance how much things are going to cost?
Even with a clear diagnosis the need for pathology tests may vary with the individual. Not to mention co morbidity.
Unless you want cash up front and to stop all treatment etc as soon as the cash runs out.

Snafu said...

Cramerj, these operations are elective operations rather than emergency treatments.

I fail to see why the NHS is unable to establish a reasonable cost for these treatments and insist that they are paid in advance.

Do these patients turn up for private treatment with no idea of the probable cost!?! Maybe they know that the system is so messed up that they already know that the treatment is free!

I look forward to all the write-offs in future as EU students cannot be traced to pay off their student loans!

AndrewSouthLondon said...

How can you tell in advance how much things are going to cost?
See NHS Tariff for most elective services
If there isn't a price for it there is indicative and proxy tariff information available.

The real weasel is the entitlement of overseas "students" to NHS care. This is the backdoor to everything. Sign up to a bogus ecclesiastical college in Catford and you get a three year visa (which you can overstay of course) never turn up (college knows its a scam) and its "open sesame"to NHS care.

Government knows this but does nothing.

The other year the paediatric ITU of Newcastle General was blocked by premature quins from an Egyptian IVF treatment who turned up, husband had mysteriously registered as a student with a Northumbria college.... Paed iTU is a £1000 a day per cot. NHS care for Egyptians, you couldnt make it up.


Snafu said...

Andrewsouthlondon, thanks for the update. Whilst I hadn't thought of that, the Ama Sumani did as she arrived in the UK on a student visa although she rapidly became a cleaner!