Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blood money?

Should compensation for rape be determined by the rapist's individual wealth or the seriousness of the crime!?!

What would have happened if Iorworth Hoare had opted for anonymity after becoming a lotto millionaire!?!


Philipa said...

money is a ticket to solve problems, and such luck, such ease of life, should be taken away from the bastard who has been proved to have commited this heinous crime and given to the victim. Too long, too much has this country ignored the victim of crime.

I like the sentence of one State in America - a man who enjoyed playing and teaching the piano was convicted of harming children I think. He was not allowed to move out of the area and had his piano taken away and not allowed to play again. I liked that sort of punishment. I do not like what passes for punishment in this country, to real criminals it's a joke.

Snafu said...

Philipa, wasn't that the point of sending him to prison!?!

I totally agree with your points about the victims of crime being ignored and that it should be addressed as a priority. He was sentenced to life imprisonment afterall.

However, it strikes me that compensation will now be determined by the wealth of the attacker rather than by the seriousness of the crime.

Given the seriousness of rape, are we now living in a society where it's better to be raped by a millionaire than a beggar!?! Both crimes are equally wicked and compensation should surely be equal for both victims as they have equally suffered!?!

This result of this legal decision is to make compensation means-tested!

Philipa said...

Yes I see what you mean.

I just think in this particular case he has no moral right to the money as the ticket was bought when he was on day release from jail and I objected to his being on day release at all as he was supposed to be removed from the public. Like you said; "wasn't that the point of sending him to prison!?!"

Anonymous said...

Why cash compensation for the victim? Does it stop them being victims in the future?
Why stop at prison plus cash compensation?
The public just loves righteous indignation - let them cough up the money voluntarily and feel the warm glow of giving.