Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Careless England

Why are the disabled and elderly struggling to receive social care in England when it's free in Scotland!?!

What are the Conservative Party doing to highlight and challenge this gross injustice!?!


Alan said...

Um.... are you in favour of expanding the free social care from Scotland to England? If so, how will you pay for it?

tally said...

the tories will do noyhing to jeapordise their beloved union.

Snafu said...

Alan, it strikes me that English taxpayers are paying for free social care in Scotland as so few Scots are net contributors to Government coffers.

Either taxes are raised in Scotland to pay for their own 'free' social care or the Barnett formula is reduced so that public expenditure is more equitable north and south of the border.

Tally, I struggle to see why the Tories are so keen on preserving the union when their support is so limited both in Scotland and Wales... It's difficult to imagine many other parties that are so keen to repress their own electorate at the expense of others who wouldn't give them tuppence!

Alfie said...

What are the Tories doing? Why bunging cash to relatives to do non existent research work.... Come to think of it, NewLab are doing exactly the same aren't they?

Sam Duncan said...

Before you all fly off the English nationalist handle (oops, too late), I'll ask a different question:

Why are the disabled and elderly struggling to receive social care in Scotland when it's "free"?

This was gesture politics of the worst kind. The last Executive knew it couldn't pay for it, but thought there were votes in it, and Salmond's "Government" keeps it on because he knows it's unpopular in England.

Don't believe the hype. There are stories in Scottish papers every day, exactly like those down south, of people having to sell their homes to pay for care despite this policy. The money isn't there.

...as so few Scots are net contributors to Government coffers.

Actually the figures are comparable to most of England. Slightly higher than the northernmost counties, in fact.

Andy said...

Depending whether you believe Treasury figures or not, more taxpayers money is spent per head in London, then the North-East of England, then Northern Ireland, then Scotland.

The free personal care for the elderly policy in Scotland, as one poster pointed out is struggling to be implemented, because the Scottish Executive is not giving enough funding to the local authorities who must administer it.

Snafu said...

Andy, I have no problem with more taxpayer's money being spent per head in London that elsewhere as Londoners pay more tax per head than elsewhere!

That's not to say that you shouldn't challenge how that money is being spent!