Thursday, January 31, 2008

School vacancies

If parental choice is highlighting poorly performing schools in urban areas due to the large number of surplus places available, when will those schools be shut or staff sacked!?!

With 792,000 surplus school places in England (and Wales?), is it still appropriate to rebuild or refurbish every secondary school as Gordon Brown has threatened promised!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...

The daft buggers have forged so many statistics, that they sort of overlooked that some statistics e.g. the number of live births in England & Wales are pretty reliable and that, hey!, kids grow up.

Scroll down to the last subheading here, priceless.

Phil A said...

If a school has declining numbers, because parents are desperate their children should not attend, then New Labour will simply fill the places by forcing parents to send their children there, one way or another.

That’s how they work. They begrudge anyone improving themselves and will remove the opportunity wherever they can.

Snafu said...

Phil A, I totally agree. School lotteries are merely the latest wheeze.

I wonder if MPs will be exempt from them!?!

Phil A said...

Snafu, I agree re the lotteries.

It is simply a ruse to force attendance at failing, substandard, or problem, schools.

New Labour don’t seem concerned that they will be forcing children to travel miles to school involuntarily.

That they will be forcing the separation of younger siblings from elder, or the difficulties parents will experience simultaneously attempting to get two, or three, children to two, or three, widely separated schools.

There would not be a problem at all if the State/New Labour were actually capable of providing a reasonably uniform, reasonably high standard of education instead of attempting to force the lowest common denominator on all.

We all know it is possible as we all know of schools both publicly and privately funded that do exactly that - despite the Government’s best efforts.

One suspects that is the real reason why New Labour really want to destroy Grammar schools.