Monday, December 31, 2007


When will the Government follow Richard Branson's lead and tell public sector workers threatening to strike over pay levels that they should get stuffed resign and get a job elsewhere if they want a pay rise!?!

I might even end my self-imposed ban on buying Virgin branded products!


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that the fightback would be led by Branson?

I hope that all right thinking people will support him in what will become a Grunwick repeat.

Kevex said...

Would love to get another job. If I knew what a back stabber Gordon Brown was going to be and how unforfilling my public sector job was going to be. How ungrateful some of the public would be. at 18 years, nearly 19 in 1984 perhaps I would have got a real job. Still they've got me by the short and curlies, can't take my pension with me. They'll freeze it till I'm 60 by which time it'll be worthless. I've got skills but no qualifications. But hey if you every need an armed police officer I'll be considering yours and of course Dickie's comments.
PS Virgin Media is crap so what does he know?

Snafu said...

Kevex, I thought the Police can retire at 55 or earlier if they are ill or face disciplinary action!

I don't like the idea of armed police with skills but no qualifications!

PS Private sector jobs can be equally unfulfilling and the public are never grateful! They just reward you by buying your goods and services if yuou are offering what they want / need!

hughev said...

would that this be applied to our glorious underpaid MP's

Snafu said...

Hughev, I can only assume MPs need a 10% payrise as 41% of any pay rise wil be lost through higher rate income tax and the 1% (no upper limit!) on National Insurance contributions!