Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good news for Labour!

Bright poor children 'slip back' - BBC News online

"It's a terrible thing that children from poor backgrounds, who are bright, end up actually not getting a very good start in life.

They end up in schools that aren't very good and end up poor as adults and that's a terrible waste of talent and it's also basically wrong, it's just unfair." - Sutton Trust chairman Sir Peter Lampl.

Poorer adults tend to vote Labour...


Terrible Tory Girl said...

They can't be that bright if they vote Labour in adult life :P

It is also wrong and unfair that they would be forced to vote for the government because of impending poverty.

Give £5 a month today to prevent paupers turning to the dark side.

spanner said...

I am becoming convinced that the Labour party is commited to keeping the poorer sections of society, in their same condition.
Why else should a government load the poorest workers with more tax, why else bring in foreign workers to undercut the lowest earners. Or why allow poor schools to exist?
It's perhaps in the hope that by keeping people poor they will have some made up reason to keep voting labour.