Wednesday, December 19, 2007

EU feeling faint?

How much power has Britain given away following the signing of the Lisbon Treaty just last week!?!

Plans to end health queues in EU
"The European Commission will propose that any EU citizen should be entitled to care elsewhere, if the treatment is allowed in their own state."


Mark Wadsworth said...

As HH points out, why shouldn't they allow people to choose treatment in a BUPA hospital up the road?

Snafu said...

Mark, that's a great point!

Doctors and nurses are predicatbly up in arms about the measures though as they might lose their jobs if 'customers' get a choice!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Why would they lose their jobs? They can go and work for BUPA, can't they (under HH's sensible proposals)? Or they can club together and open their own hospital, or rent one from the NHS.

Let's face it, 75% of us work for private employers, why is that so terrible?