Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Schools out for summer!

Who is the strategic thinker within Conservative Central Office who thought David Cameron should focus on school discipline at the start of the summer holidays!?!


totallyun-pc said...

modern conservatism is the epitome of own goals! why oh why do they insist on trying to make the government look good, even though they clerly aren't?

Snafu said...

Totallyun-pc, it can't be that difficult for the Conservative Party to attack Labour now can it!?!

I fear I'm in limbo really! Whilst I'd never support Gordon Brown after what he's done to the country whilst I can't vote for Cameron either as he would interpret my vote as being in favour of his ridiculous posturing on the environment, Africa and higher taxes!!

Anonymous said...

I cant see me voting Tory now, or for any of the other left-wing parties.