Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hollow threat

With an estimated 1.2m uninsured or unlicenced already on the UK's roads, does David Cameron's threat of disqualifying young offenders from holding or obtaining a driving licence amount to anything substantial!?!

If you want to "hit them where it hurts", they should be required to do hard, physical labour!


IanP said...

With the number of CCTV and ANPR camera in Britain, along with camera's in every police car, and the occasional roadside catchem squad, how on earth are there 1.2 million getting away with it.

If I go onto the road with my tax out of date I am sure to be caught.

Another very expensive big brother experiment gone wrong? or are the cameras really for something more sinister.

Snafu said...

IanP, it's quite straight forward really. If a defendant is brought before the courts and is on benefits, the fine for driving without insurance is reduced to take account of their limited means so it's often cheaper for young drivers to drvie around with no insurance rather than be legal!

It's estimated that 10% of the cars on London's roads are not insured. Imagine the impact on road conestion if they were removed...