Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Living it up in Scotland?

Did Louvain Luvunzu and his family jump the council house waiting list to secure his home in Motherwell?

"In all these, I have a great hope for a better life here in Scotland primarily because I have a house to live in; I have a school for my children; I have proper health care and access to good transport services." - Louvain Luvunzu.

Will Home Office Minister Joan Ryan pose for a photo with other families left waiting!?!

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Anonymous said...

Good old Louvain Has left his wife and children....he has done a runner leaving us all to pay.
In a BBC article from 2007/2008 Louvain says he is a Primary School teacher and his wife Terese is a secondary SCHOOL DEPUTY HEAD....I think they were less than truthful to gain access to Scotland..Disgrace.