Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meals on schools!

If the provision of free school fruit and vegetables has led to lower domestic consumption, will free nutritious meals during the summer holidays lead to poorer quality diets at home!?!

"We shouldn't be blaming poorer parents: we should be helping them meet the cost of healthy alternatives" - IPPR North director Sue Sterling.

We should be blaming poorer parents.


cramerj said...

From the outside it seems odd why you should make it your business. Why do you want to control everyone?

syl2000 said...

"We should be blaming poorer parents" .... I agree. I was a 'poorer parent' (five children raised on a 'poverty line' income), and fresh fruit and veg, rice, pasta, potatoes, and dairy produce formede the main part of our diet. How can anyone blame poverty for lack of proper nutrition when 'junk' and processed foods are almost all more expensive than a healthy diet?