Monday, August 20, 2007

Bet your life?

In the "unlikely event" that Philip Lawrence's murderer Learco Chindamo, - a reformed, very nice, very thoughtful person - murders again, what are the chances the victim's a member of the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal rather than an innocent member of the public?


Anonymous said...

This one's easy- if he's declared an illegal immigrant he can get a job as a domestic servant to a senior member of the Immigration appeals Tribuneral. He can video them shagging and blackmail them.

Personally I think his address should be publicised every week on some blog

Alfie said...

This decision will 'set the bar' for the future. If we can't even deport murderers to a civilised first world country like Italy, what chance do we have of deporting them to Somalia, Egypt or China?

This decision gives us the Royal Flush of misdemenours, it gives foreign perpitrators a safe haven in this country once they have served their sentences. Afghan hi-jackers, paedophiles, rapists, armed robbers - all the World's scum living here safe in the knowledge they will not get deported. All to preserve their precious human rights.

Lawyers fawn over them as another big fat cheque courtesy of the taxpayer drops through the letter box. Politicians wring their hands at the injustice of it all. How ironic that these craven self serving shits are the architects of this incredulous shambles. And how predictable they fail to accept any responsibility for their reckless Acts of Human Rights legislation. And these neanderthal parasites at Westminster wonder why we have no respect for them and why we do not vote any more.

deiseach said...

One wonders how you'd feel if the Italians decided to deport a murderer to Britain on the basis that they were born there and spent the first six years of their lives there.

Snafu said...

Alfie, I totally echo your sentiments.

Deiseach, I wouldn't be surprised if the Italians were able to deport a prisoner to the UK and then expect the UK to keep him in prison for the remainder of his life!

I can only assume this is another of the much trumpeted 'benefits' of the European Union. He should be deported and prohibited from returning here. As the European Union allows the free movement of people, criminals and murderers across the Union, it's little surprise that the Government has been defeated.

It's highly unlikely that this decision will be reversed on appeal.