Thursday, August 09, 2007

Black role models

Given that a lack of black role models will cost the UK economy "£24bn over the next 50 years through taxes and criminal justice costs", just how many are needed so that black boys can make "an even greater contribution economically, culturally and politically to Britain"!?!

Three role models to ignore?


The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Bit racist this isn't it?
Why should black kids have black role models, there are quite a few white ones they could emulate.

And what about under achieving white kids? They exist too, don't they deserve any help?

I believe we should show the same care for all young males. It's not only black people that belong to gangs/like rap and shoot or stab people.

Kids these days lack any values or show any discipline - to much liberal PC interference. Let the parents (If they have any) discipline their kids, allow schools to cane unruly kids and make the courts dish out sensible punishments for crime. It might just work!

totallyun-pc said...

Because BN we are the only people who see it that it is FAIR and REASONABLE to accept role models from other races. Its an indoctrinated feeling of guilt not to accept other races. Its a deep rooted guilt for some uncommitted sin. Yet other cultures don't suffer that, and can proudly follow a racial cultural demographic. Althoug still a minority, the overwhelming population of gang culture is black. and societ has allowed this to become the norm, however distasteful. A white gang isn't called a white gang. Its called a Racist gang.
Its all about social sterotype. We've allowed this to happen.

Snafu said...

I'd like to know who Chinese boys use as role models in the UK as their educational achievements are quite exceptional!

cramerj said...

Don't chinese boys have a father who is part of the family ?
And don't the family have a work ethic.
remember - just like it was in the 50s in England once.