Thursday, December 08, 2005

Secretary of State for England

Why should any English MP give up their ability to interfere in Welsh politics by supporting the 'Government of Wales Bill' when Welsh MPs will not enter a reciprocal arrangement?

If Welsh (and Northern Ireland) Secretary Peter Hain says the bill will deliver "made in Wales decisions for the benefit of Wales", when will a similar Bill be introduced to deliver "made in England decisions for the benefit of England"?

PS Why is there no Secretary of State for England?


wonkotsane said...

A very good point. I have a suggestion.

Lone Primate said...

You guys already have at least four, possibly five (Cornwall?) sections in the UK; why don't you just become a federal state? Scotland and Wales already have parliaments, Northern Ireland could if they could ever get their act together. Why shouldn't England have its own parliament again? Each place could run its own local affairs, and you could still have the federal parliament at Westminster. You're half way there already, so why not?