Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Palestinian Economy - learn by our mistakes

Why does Gordon Brown or the European Union think they know enough about running a successful economy to pass on their knowledge to the Palestinians!?! Gordon Brown believes higher taxes do not slow economic growth whilst the European Union wallows in over-regulation, high unemployment and large budget deficits.

Does Gordon Brown look enviously at the Palestinian economy where 32% of the workers are in the public sector!?! (It's only a derisory 20% in the UK!)


wonkotsane said...

I think Gorrrrrdon Broooon is very well qualified to give them on advice. Palestine is under occupation and oppression by Israel, England is under occupation and oppression by Scotland.

Snafu said...

Wonko, whilst lefties are worried about Palestinian self-determination, who is worried about England!?!

wonkotsane said...

Me, you ... erm ... a handful of bloggers and a couple of thousands CEP members. The other 49.9% of the population seem quite happy to soak up the British government's propoganda. Seems that way sometimes anyway.