Saturday, December 03, 2005

Racist Arts Council (4)

Update: The Commission for Racial Equality consider that the Arts Council England writing competition awards are "likely to be unlawful under the [Race Relations] Act [1976]" and are currently collating complainant details with a view to a future investigation.

It appears that Wonko and I are not alone in complaining.

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your quick reply. Because the Commission has received many complaints on this matter we will allow all the complainants at least a week to send in their contact details before opening files for each one and initiating the investigation process against the Arts Council. We will inform the Council about the many complainants received to show what an outcry the advertisement has generated.

We will write to you when this information has been collated to set the investigation process in motion.

Many thanks


Initial response from the CRE.

Dear Mr xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your e-mail with regard to the above advertisement. The Awards are likely to be unlawful under the Act.

Could you please furnish us with the your contact details (including your phone a number) to enable us investigate your complaint? I have accessed the website and printed a copy of the advertisement and the postal address of the Acts Council. This information will enable us write them about your complaint. Your address will also make it possible for us to keep you updated about our investigations into your complaint.

Thank you in advance for bringing the matter to our attention.

Kind regards


PS I still await Tania's reply from the Arts Council England...


Daniel Lucraft said...

"to write them",

is the CRE based in the US now?

wonkotsane said...

I complained to the CRE, got no reply and emailed them again. Still no reply. Might have to phone them I think.

Tania sent me the "research". It gives no details on how they came to the conclusion that publishing is "institutionally racist" (their words) but it's very clear from the opening paragraph that this was the result they set out to get.