Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Fife mess

How will staff without poor sickness records be rewarded for working hard and enduring the 'stress' of the Fife Council Finance department?

Anyone feeling stressed all of a sudden!?!


Alison said...

and might they do for anger management? grrrrr

lascivious said...

Ugh. Fife council. Don't get me started. I live in Fife. Every Fife council worker I know, or every had contact with, is a complete plonker. And they now get rewarded for just doing their job to the level they are contractually obliged to do. Wonderful - what a great way to spend my council tax!

I sent Fife coucil tax offices a letter 6 weeks ago explaining to them I was moving home asking them to send me a final bill. Unfortunately, they have a 3 month backlog. Who knows when and where they will be moving to in 3 months? An of course, any ammendments to ones details has to be put in writing - you can't just phone them up.

Complete plonkers - the lot of them!