Thursday, July 05, 2007


"The Conservatives will put the battle against poverty and deprivation at the heart of their campaign to win the next general election."

If the Conservative Party go into battle promising to reduce welfare payments and make work pay, they will be on to a winner. However, it's more likely that they will increase the size of the welfare state only making the problem worse...

"Money would be invested spent on voluntary bodies and charities"- David Cameron.

Another reason not to vote Conservative under Cameron!


Vindico said...

The Tories need to decide whether they have an ideological foundation any more. THis poverty strategy is all nice and good, but it is starting to sound dangerously like equality of outcome ratehr than equality of opportunity. What do the Tories wat - a big provider state or a small enabling state?

Anonymous said...

Agree with previous, nowt to add on main point.

On last point re charities, mentioned this before on my own blog last time the Blithering Camoron raised it. If the state cannot run services competently, it really makes so much sense, NOT, to parcel it out to a combination of those who want to make a profit from them and a bunch of well meaning amateurs.

In fact not all idiocies are down to socialists, this curious idea that all one has to do is make something autonomous and give it its own budget to endow it with all the qualities of successful enterprise is one of the biggest idiocies going, bequeathed to us by Thatcher. In cases where there is no profit motive to drive improvement in the service, a public service may be the best bet, it just needs attention to ensure it is properly run and staffed.

Naturally, since it is idiotic, it is also one of the few Tory ideas embraced by new labour.