Monday, July 30, 2007

Rubbing Saltire in the wound?

"The Union flag is a powerful symbol of both our heritage and modern, diverse Britain. It brings us together in solidarity and shared identity" - Culture Secretary James Purnell.

So why should Scottish Executive buildings be exempt from this!?!

"In Scotland, the Saltire will fly each day, although on 18 special days the union flag will be raised instead." - SNP Spokesman.


Anonymous said...

They're even prepared to lie to promote their ends. Another SNPite claims that the Saltire is the oldest national flag in the world, dating to the ninth century.

Errr... No it isn't. The legend claims to originate in that century, however "the first certain use of a plain St. Andrew's Cross flag - but the field was red, not blue", is in the Vienna Book of Hours in 1503. The blue flag dates from 1542, barely 60 years before the Union.

While I respect the right of self-determination, I wouldn't trust a ScotNat as far as I could throw the lot of them.

Components of Independence said...

The use of the Saltire in Scotland as a religious and national symbol dates from at least the 11th and 12th century - before any of the other national flags in use in the United Kingdom, I'll take the opinion of my trusty Oxford Companion to Scottish History, on that one, rather than a defunct web page. Danke

As for the point about flying the Saltire in Scotland, well why not? It is far nicer than the Union flag I think. It would make a nice addition to the main flagpole of Edinburgh Castle, too.


Anonymous said...

I don't dispute the antiquity of the saltire, but it was simply that: the symbol of the cross, usually displayed against a black ground. It wasn't used as a flag until much later, and certainly not azure, a saltire argent, until the 16th century. There are definite references to other national flags, in their present colours, long before that.

Snafu said...

Erm, either way, it seems older than the Union Flag!

Chris said...

Erm, sorry, but what's all this got to do with Gordy saying that the Union Flag is the symbol of united and thoroughly lovely (darling!) Britain, and Scotland then refusing to fly it? Personally, the Union Flag gives me the collywobbles.

Anonymous said...

The Union came in the reign of Queen Anne (early 18th century) not James the First, so the Saltaire more than 60 years older than the first Union Flag.

Components of Independence said...

Actually the Saltire was used as a flag, albeit in various forms, before the 11th Century - especially in battle. However, I think the Danish flag, has a much better claim to being the oldest state flag, than the Saltire, which is one of the oldest national flags and symbols in use.