Monday, June 23, 2008

Yet more council strikes!

"Everything from local government will stop. We are talking about bins, schools, council offices, environmental health inspectors, [council spies, council tax collection, rubbish gestapo !?!] - all those important services that local communities rely on." - Heather Wakefield, Unison's head of local government.

When will public sector workers join their overpaid brethren in the private sector and share in these boardroom pay "bonanzas"!?!

PS If they are so worried about affecting the most vulnerable members of society, why do public sector workers have so many days off work!?!


Neil Harding said...

The Tories are having a field day about 'strikes and the last days of Labour governments'.

All these workers are screwing every last penny before the inevitable Tory government cutbacks in low paid wages in 2 years time.

I agree that public sector productivity can be poor and their average wages are now higher than the private sector average (thanks to Labour).

However, I don't think many workers begrudge nurses, cleaners and other low paid frontline staff the extra pay - and that is where a lot of the money has gone. Even admin staff mostly only earn 15-20k.

Despite the Tories only getting around 40% of the vote on terrible turnouts, the Local Government Association and the vast majority of councils are now majority controlled by mischievous hardline Tories stirring up wage disputes, just like they did in 1978. Labour could have prevented this by introducing PR to local government and achieving real democracy - governance for the people, not party advantage. Instead we have this mess. It is a democratic tragedy foresaw by Robin Cook.

Snafu said...

Neil, I begrudge so many public sector workers earning over £50k and being able to retire at 60 on taxpayer funded pension funded by council tax.

Average local authority employs nine times as many people on £50,000-plus packages as ten years ago, an increase three times larger than growth in the wider economy.
Average local authority spends £4 million on employing people earning over £50,000.
The total bill is almost £2 billion - almost £1 in every £11 of total council tax revenues.
12,600 local council officials earn as much or more than an MP's salary of £60,277

Courtesy: Burning our money.