Monday, June 09, 2008

Police trawls?

What is the legal authority for letting Police trawl private property?

"The Met Police believe criminals used the centres in Park Lane, Hampstead and Edgware to store criminal assets. Armed police continue to guard the buildings as specialist officers search the 7,000 safety deposit boxes."


Bag said...

You are confusing the UK with a free country. It's not. It's been a police state for a while now.

When they are finished out of 7000 boxes they will have found several hundred with illegal items in. That makes it OK for them.

Barclays, Nat West, etc. will be next. After all I'm sure one or two criminals keep stuff in their vaults.

Malthebof said...

I missed this news initially. I am surprised that there was not much more reaction from the blogging world. How did the Met get a warrant to search all the safe deposit boxes, sounds like trawling to me. Depositers now have to prove that it is their property, what is to stop 'sticky' fingered bizzies helping themselves. The whole operation stinks and you can feel the firm smack of an authoritarian government