Friday, September 08, 2006

Something to celebrate?

"When I see a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf or a hijab, I don't feel threatened, I celebrate it." - Ruth Kelly MP.

"In some areas, 70% of the population of a school can be from an ethnic background." - Steve Acklam, Chief Executive of School Governors' One-Stop Shop.


Toque said...

Surely everyone is from an ethnic background.

AF said...

I can understand Ruth Kellys excitement at seeing someone wearing an article of clothing.

I'm the same, I practically wet myself with excitement when I see someone wearing dark sunglasses.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, Yeah!


Seems you are rather easily aroused! Try taking more water with it!

When I see a muslim(n) headscarf or hijab being worn, my only reaction is anger, at the delusions which have made these people accept these ridiculous religious laws!