Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Military homes

Will Armed Forces personnel who are given taxpayers' help to buy their first homes be expected to relinquish some of their pension rights?

Other first-time homebuyers in the South East will now be competing for expensive homes against military personnel they are subsidising!


CityUnslicker said...

the poor buggers who are putting themselves through it in Iraq and Afghanistan need someincentives!

Anonymous said...

That's alright for you to say sat on your shiny arse in the South East or wherever you live. Some people are 4,000 miles from home living in tents, when their families are in Married Quarters at home, which are akin to crap council houses. Why not help them to own a house instead of renting off the governent? If teachers, firemen and nurses qualify, then so should the Armed Forces. Try and realise what's going on around you instead of dreaming out of your office window for a change.

Snafu said...

Anonymous, I'd prefer service personnel to be paid as much as Firefighters and tube drivers rather than being subsidised like this.

Teachers, firemen and nurses should not qualify for these schemes either. Why should some teachers receive additional 'pay' in this way when older staff are effectively paid less as they already happen to own their own homes!?!

Many people are struggling to get on the housing ladder, not just so called 'key workers'!

I am well aware of what's going on around me! Call centre staff are paid little more than service personnel and are unlikely to have the pension benefits of any of the public sector workers you mention. They are still expected to compete for housing against 'keyworkers' who they are subsidising!

The Government does not help the situation by allowing uncontrolled immigration to drive the demand for housing up relentlessly!