Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Criminal Injustice System

How long had carjacker Paul Wales spent in prison for eight driving convictions prior to knocking down and killing a grandmother?

He had amassed four convictions for taking a vehicle without consent, three for driving while disqualified and one for reckless driving.

He has never held a driving licence.

He was an accident waiting to happen yet the criminal justice system insisted on giving him the benefit of the doubt rather than protect the public!


Anonymous said...

These people are so desperate to put the blame for drugs on to white native Britons, even while they must know how false their accusations are.
The truth is glaringly obvious that young black males are stopped most often because even the mentally challenged and politically correct police know that this group is most often associated with illegal drugs. It may be true that white males are the biggest users since they are 90% of the young population. But...BUT..the drug DEALERS are mostly young ill educated, unemployed, mentally challenged blacks recognisable with one glance of an experienced copper as a drug carrier.

Alex Fear said...

He hadn't passed a speed camera or got a parking ticket so they didn't think it was important enough to pursue.

Snafu said...

Alex, they wouldn't have bothered with him as it's far easier to pursue people who are licenced and insured than those who aren't!

They are also more likely to be able to afford to pay the penalty notice!