Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Occupancy tax

Do single people need to pay an 'Occupancy tax' to encourage them to live more 'space-efficiently'?

Single people are currently penalised for living ineffiently as they only receive a 25% discount on council tax whilst there is no single occupancy discount for the TV licence either!


dearieme said...

Jesus, a widows and orphans tax.

Stuart said...

Oxygen tax was my first thought.....there can surely be nothing else left to tax now!! Can there........????

Praguetory said...

That's a nice recipe from Labour. Combine uncontrolled immigration with draconian planning laws, stir well until cost of renting is prohibitively high.

Then tax the sods who haven't got the picture yet. Will Labour not be happy until we are all sleeping in bunk-beds?