Thursday, August 03, 2006

Flash in the pan Gordon

What is Gordon Brown's view on the current Middle East crisis?

Hiding behind the shield of paternity leave is not appropriate for someone with serious pretensions of succeeding Tony Blair as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party.

He should be demonstrating his leadership credentials during the current crisis, not his cowardice.


Alex Fear said...

Perhaps he is waiting for his cue from Bush?

dearieme said...

I disagree. The best policy for HMG is to recognise that it ain't our problem and to pipe down. Masterly inactivity is called for.

Snafu said...

Dearieme, what about the Muslim vote!?!

dearieme said...

Now that they've buggered up our secret ballot, they don't have to worry about that do they? Or if they do, they'll just revert to reminding Muslims that many leading Tories are Jews. It worked for them last time, didn't it?