Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NHS Direct

NHS Direct needs to save £15m, close 12 call centres and cut 800 jobs if it is to become "more effective and efficient".

Who let it become ineffective and inefficient? It was only created in 1997!


alfie said...

more effective and efficient ?

I'm afraid less is less. much, much less.
I think we should get rid of the spin doctors and their lexicons of utter bollox.......

NHS Direct is in the departure lounge, folks. They'll trim and trim until no one can get through, so less and less people will use it - then they'll close it saying there is no demand for it.

Classic NuLabour smake and mirrors.....

Stevo in Taichung said...

Why is it whenever some service or commodity is taken away it is always in the spirit of providing a better service?
I remember when I lived back home in the eighties my building society had a sign saying that in an effort to serve me better the society would be closed each Monday from 9.30 till 11.00 for staff training.
I never did get that one.