Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Health cheque!

Why was there a nine month wait for Roy Thayer's angioplasty treatment at the Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust when they could operate privately immediately!?!

Doctors told the father of two he risked a fatal heart attack at any time.


he would have been seen on the NHS earlier if his condition was thought to be urgent...

PS: Will the Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust be tightening up on it's credit control in future!?!


Bag said...

Never mind the credit control. they clearly had the resources to perform the task. Why could it not have been performed on the NHS? This guy may have broken the law and a few rules but clearly someone was breaking other rules in allowing him to take the risk of dying before the operation.

Clap for him. Kick for the NHS. Of course they will only fix the credit issue.

Snafu said...

Bag, I totally agree!

I just enjoyed the irony that doctors think he could have a fatal heart attack at anytime but it's not urgent!