Thursday, August 10, 2006

Collective Punishment?

Are all air passengers being penalised because the Government is not prepared to use racial and religious profiling when identifying high risk passengers?


Stuart said...

Absolutely. And the petty officials making the rules are doing the terroris's work for them

Stevo in Taichung said...

How about this, ban all muslims from trains,boats and planes leaving or coming to our shores.
Has our honourable BBC managed to implicate Israel in this yet?

HSBguzzler said...

Ban then from coming to our shores certainly Stevo, but not ban them from leaving.
Great idea I just heard on the radio suggested that Moslims should be banned from using regular plane flights, and could only travel in Muslim planes, flown by Muslim pilots, carrying only Muslims.

alfie said...

Read Littlejohn in the Mail about the issue here -