Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let them surf!

When people are asked how Labour can help them through the present financial crisis, how many say that "home internet access for all children" is what they need!?!

"Families, who have been identified by local schools as having no access, will be able to apply for vouchers of up to £700 pound so they can get online."

One family that doesn't need internet access, the Matthews...


xoggoth said...

It really is quite absurd how they waste our money.

The idea that all kids should have an equal chance is fine but scattering huge amounts of money in such an undiscerning way makes no sense. Some children might now spend their time playing online games who might otherwise been doing something relevant to their own abilities and career potentials.

If they provided it where teachers had identified an aptitude it might make a bit more sense. What we really need in schools is a flexible streaming system with effort and cash targetted on ability.

Mark Wadsworth said...

X, the point is that gummint spending averages out to £10,000 per annum for every man, woman and child.

All but the hard core lefties would struggle to argue that a four-person household gets £40,000 of value from the State.

And about £1,500 of that £10,000 i borrowed out of future tax receipts. Yea verily, they are bribing us with our own money.

Alfie said...

Oh Gawd - it looks like another cock up coming right at him.

What an utter moron that man is. He'll be decreeing every kid has a free hoody allowance, their own Wii and a Tesco loyalty card for own brand Supa-Strength lager next....

(and obviously an army of bureaugrots to adminster the fund)