Friday, August 22, 2008

Three of a kind?

Isn't it a shame that Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur isn't a woman or he could have claimed for sexual discrimination as well as race, religion and age!

Only white, Christian males now face discrimination in the workplace as they are the only group who cannot seek compensation when overlooked for promotion!


Archie said...

Here comes a sure comsequence of political correctness. Ladies and gentlemen, open your wallets and repeat after me "Help yourself!"

xoggoth said...

I think TBH that there used to be a case for this sort of thing. It was simplistic to argue for totally equal treatment if some groups faced problems that others did not.

Now when we have so many anti-discrimination laws and the great majority accept the principle of equal treatment that time is past, it simply creates resentment. It is also a marvellous excuse for some individuals not to address their own failings.

A marvellous excuse for some minorities not to address their own cultural failings too. Today we were informed that we are "leaving black youth to die" by not providing more funding.

Why exactly is it our fault that they are dying? This is a cultural problem, look at Jamaica or Somalia, our most lawless black cultures are a mirror image of those.

Money will not solve it because it is not mainly about poverty. Bangladeshis as a group are much poorer than Afro-Carribeans, but we don't see them stabbing and shooting each other.