Thursday, August 28, 2008

Research stabbed in the back!

Why does it take a four year study to discover that "almost 90% of knife killers had previously been known to police" when 75% of young black men are on the Police national DNA database!?!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Because they are very slow?

As to the murders statistic, this is surely from the Dept. Of The Bleeding Obvious. People work their way up from shoplifting to mugging to murder. So if you want to keep murder rate down, just deal with shoplifters properly* and lock up muggers for at least ten years.

* Not sure quite how, but it's not whatever we are doing at the moment.

xoggoth said...

One only has to look into details of reported street killings to see who the perpetrators overwhelmingly are.

Still, logical though it may be, random stop and search of young blacks is not a good idea in my view, it may catch some criminals but it also stokes up resentment among those who are not.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anyway, if you're doing Fun With Numbers, how about this one ...

We know that 59 per cent of black Caribbean children are looked after by a lone parent?

From an article entitled, with no apparent irony, 'Youth violence is not about race'

@ Xoggoth, having more bobbies on the beat does not necessarily mean more 'random stop and search'. It's about deterrence and intelligence gathering. Treating all drugs like alcohol/tobacco, i.e. legalisation, regulation, taxation and education would help a lot as well.