Monday, August 04, 2008

Benefits of doubt?

Why did it take a tip-off to investigate Dawn Shackleton for benefits fraud when her family already has 230 convictions and has been evicted for rowdy behaviour!?!


xoggoth said...

At least she was British. Makes a change. £40,000? How does that make them Britain's worst family?Pretty small beer compared to this one at £925,000

Dawn didn't produce her children's severed fingers in court either.

xoggoth said...

Sorry that should have been

Too much vodka you know! How unusual I hear you cry!

xoggoth said...

Oh balls! No it isn't me, your stupid thing is truncating it! The last bit should be


Umbongo said...


Your quoted piece from the Sun states that "Fakorede . . . holds joint British and Nigerian nationality". So, technically, like Ms Shackleton she is British although not, I suspect, a British indigene. Interesting and, I suppose, heart-warming in these days of fractured families, to see that her daughter is also in the family business. The Sun notes that "one of her daughters, 21-year-old Denise Shofolawe-Coker, was found guilty accused of laundering £70,000 of the stolen money."

What do you want to bet that after the "pre-sentencing reports" and despite the "inevitability" of a custodial sentence both mother and daughter get banged up for less time than Dawn?