Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stamp Duty cuts?

The possible suspension or deferment of stamp duty can only mean one thing...

Gordon Brown fears that he's about to be made homeless and needs a new home fast! The Prime Minister hates paying taxes as much as the next man so he only ever raises taxes on items that don't affect him directly.

If he could drive, he would have felt the pain of increased fuel duty over the years.
If he owned a car, he would fear increases in Vehicle Excise Duties.
If he had his own pension, he would have felt the impact of his raid on pensions.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Like most MPs, The Gobling King owns a second home, which is why these f***ers are so concerned about house prices falls, and whihc, from my point of view, is all the more reason to celebrate them!

xoggoth said...

Maybe GB is brighter than we give him credit for. All the people chucked out of their houses cos they can't pay their mortgages will be able to live in all the worthless old cars that they can't afford to tax.