Monday, April 09, 2007

Pay Pal!?!

Will the SNP expect England, Scotland's "biggest pal", to continue subsidising her should Scotland ever become independent!?!

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Sam Duncan said...

I've commented on this recently at David Farrer's blog, Freedom & Whisky, but I just came across your post today.

Of course they will. And you won't have a great deal of say in the matter. The point to remember is that the SNP doesn't actually want Scotland to be independent. Their motto is "independence in Europe" (ie, the EU). As anyone who's been paying attention will realise, this is a nonsense. All they really want to do is exchange one union for another. The remaining UK, having lost only 10% of its population, would still be a massive net contributor, while Scotland, as a small, deprived, "emerging nation" would have money thrown at it.

This all assumes Scotland would gain EU membership automatically, but that's another question.