Thursday, April 19, 2007


How will Robert Mugabe sleep at night if his honorary degree from Edinburgh University is withdrawn!?!


fido said...

Well he will blame the white fascist government of Tony Blair for being behind and claim that they are oppressing the free people of Zimbabwe.

In short "am i bov'erd"

Angry Steve said...

The current lot of (lefty) students at have been clamouring for the removal of his honorary degree for a few years.

Motions have been passed (bowel motions mostly) by the Students' Association, saying that they disagree with this, that and the other.

Meanwhile, alumni don't really give a damn. Do any rational people think that Mugabe having a decades old honorary degree makes any difference to whether he's a maniac or not?

Bag said...

Hey let's get this into perspective. The Cricket club has also spoken out on this.

Between them it should work.