Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gordon's Pension

How was Gordon Brown's taxpayer funded pension affected by his £5bn decision to abolish dividend tax credits on pensions!?!

As he has been an MP since 1983, as a Cabinet Minister earning £133,000, he can look forward to an annual pension of around £60,000!


xoggoth said...

Hypocricy seems to be the natural state of lefties.

Hard to think of any who actually seem prepared to abandon the privileges they bemoan others having. Tax breaks, generous pensions, private education, private health care, you name it, they are all things that OTHER people should not have.

Anorak said...

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With full links back to you, of course.

Best wishes


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Anonymous said...

I noticed a real load of spin on Radio Five Live about how it was not his fault and nothing to do with him that his decision stole 10% per year of my private pension and caused my company pension to close to new entrants.
Brown is a C*&T and hates people who wish to do things without using the state thus giving him no control.

Still of course non of the rule changes he introduced actually effect him at all.
The lying, thieving f()K !!!

God I hate what has happened in this once great country !!