Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trained Monkeys!

How much training does it take for a council employee to rummage through rubbish to find junk mail with an address on it!?!

The [fly tipping] teams are trained to search through any offending waste that they have found to look for evidence of its origins - Swansea Council enforcement officer Martin Lemon.

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Bag said...

Well you have to remember they are working for the government in a way.

So extensive training is required. There is openning the bag up. The ill informed will just check for addresses on the outside. Then there is the orientation of the envelope/letter to read the address. The list is endless.

As I said previously these new laws now means I now have to perform more work on behalf of the council. I now need to sort my waste into two piles. The pile that can identify me and the pile that can't.

Plus I fill the bag that can't with our local dogs waste.

Nice job for them then. 'What do you do?' 'I work for the council' 'Lucky you' envisioning pension, sick days, no real work. 'Yeah. It's OK' visual of dog poo in every bag.